Individual yoga classes

Personal development.

It is classified according to bodies, according to chakras, according to the steps of yoga, according to REAL Worlds (workouts), according to Siddhis. According to the achievements in the practice of “Yoga Sutras” or “Pradipikas”. According to the Upanishads. By performing Asanas and Pranayamas, the Ethics of Yama, the Asceticism of Niyama. The practice of meditation.

In search of health, well-being, and even the development of secret abilities in themselves, many of our contemporaries pay attention to all kinds of Eastern practices, especially yoga.

Yoga is advertised as a technique that will help prevent diseases, heal from already earned diseases, even those that are difficult to treat, teach you to control yourself, influence others, and also give an influx of vitality.

Individual yoga classes are the best start for those who have never practiced yoga before, or a great continuation for those who want to quickly improve their practice. Individual classes are especially important for those who are interested in yoga as a therapy. In this case, training will be aimed at improving health.

Each of us is individual, and each one takes exactly what he needs in yoga, even if the request is not yet quite precisely formulated. Your choice is to promote health, keep fit, relieve stress, general development, self-discovery, or just have a very pleasant time. Yoga is a process of individual development of a personality, on the way of which you come to know yourself – without being tied to family, children, parents, friends, work, and so on.

In individual work, all the characteristics of the practitioner, his daily routine, age, and physical fitness are taken into account. Recommendations are given for adjusting nutrition. The instructor selects a set of asanas and pranayamas, monitors the correct execution, suggests techniques for further development.
The practice of yoga is your personal space, in which there is only you and your deepest experiences. In an individual lesson, the instructor is a guide to the world of your experiences.

In this format, the instructor has the opportunity to know your individual needs and create a training schedule for you that will suit you. There is no link to the direction of classes stated in the schedule, the main thing here is your internal needs. That is why individual yoga classes are becoming increasingly valuable, because the effectiveness of such a practice is invaluably high. For you, this is an opportunity to start or continue yoga classes, as well as just learn something new for healing and spiritual harmonization.

In private lessons we study:

  • yoga asanas (body postures for healing and energy),
  • the basics of pranayama (working with breathing: for deep sleep, for easy awakening, to relieve stress, for the effective treatment of the common cold and other symptoms of acute respiratory infections, to increase immunity)
  • relaxation (directed relaxation of the body and mind)
  • principles of healthy eating (combination of foods, harmful and healthy foods, time for their optimal consumption) – including for weight loss or weight gain
  • cleansing procedures (including complete end-to-end lavage of the gastrointestinal tract – “shank-prakshalana”)
  • daily routine (life rhythm as a necessary basis for inner harmony, mental and physical balance)