Basic concepts of yoga

Yoga – a Sanskrit word related to the Russian “yoke” – literally means “connection”.

Yoga is primarily a religious and philosophical system, and the focus is on those means and techniques that contribute to the achievement of the ultimate goal. This is a voluntary strong connection, agreeing to which, a person enters into a relationship with himself. A method of working with the body, breath and consciousness. Constantly learning and changing yourself for a good purpose.

Yoga first improves the body. Performing yoga postures (asanas), a person acquires physical and mental health and strength.

Further, he learns to control emotions, control the fluctuations of the mind and achieve a state of balance and self-control. This helps to successfully overcome difficulties, cultivate satisfaction with fate and significantly improve the quality of life.

When a person passes from mind control to control over consciousness, this allows one to achieve a state of silence, peace and discover something whole, unchanging, beautiful in oneself. Integrity. completeness. Freedom.

Yoga can be practiced at any age.

Intellectual rating, professional success, flexibility and physical fitness do not matter. In order for yoga to be beneficial, you need to practice regularly and wisely, focusing on your abilities, your state of health, and your inner feelings. You don’t have to compete with anyone. Performing asanas, do not seek to conquer the body, breath and consciousness. Just explore them with interest and persistence. Feel free to consult with your teacher. This will help to understand what the state of the body is and gradually change it for the better. Classes will help strengthen the body, align breathing, strive for a stable, even state of mind. To change yourself, to remain strong and wise, no matter what. In any conditions and under any circumstances.

On the basis of yoga, such complexes of physical exercises have been developed as:

Yoga for arthritis. A cycle of specially selected exercises allows you to increase blood circulation in the tendons and muscles adjacent to the joints, supply tissues with oxygen and reduce pain.

Yoga is the path to intimacy.

This set of exercises is designed to stimulate the nervous system, improve blood circulation, increase blood flow to the lower half of the body, relieve tension, exacerbate sensory perception, and due to all this, it has a positive effect on intimate life.

Yoga is mobility and flexibility. With these exercises, the figure acquires a good and beautiful posture, flexibility develops.

Classical yoga (Iyengar) – of all the varieties of yoga is the most calm. Classes according to this system have no age or professional restrictions and are perfectly adapted for rapid development by representatives of European nationalities. This type of yoga offers practical skills in relaxation and meditation, as well as mastering the basic postures. A person also learns to charge his body with energy, having learned the secrets of health and inner peace.

Any science is essentially infinite, it has its own basics, fundamental principles. This also applies to yoga. Whoever wants to reach the heights of this teaching should be aware of the state of his health, consult doctors and study under the guidance of experienced yoga teachers – gurus.