Oriental medicine: yoga classes for pregnant women

TODAY YOGA IS DOING DOCTORS AND MODELS, Canadian Prime Minister and Chicago Mayor Julianne Moore and Katy Perry.

Even “true detectives” Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson regularly practice yoga. Why are there celebrities – each of us has an acquaintance who has been on a retreat or at least once in his life attended a master class of some eminent trainer. Yoga studios are opening at every turn, designers are creating special lines of sportswear, and a yoga mat sticking out of a backpack attracts less and less evaluative glances.

With the growing popularity of yoga, its reputation remains controversial.

The safety of this practice is periodically debated, although opponents mostly come up with dubious arguments. Add to this the dual social image of yoga, rather sharply expressed in Russia: on the one hand, it is still convenient for someone to believe that only hippies with dreadlocks or Vedic women are among yoga fans, on the other hand, you often meet ardent yoga crusaders who do not they will fail to reproach others for their frivolous attitude to practice. They will readily remind you of the eight steps of Ashtanga Yoga and the need for the strictest veganism, advise you to perform breathing exercises in accordance with the positions of the planets, and order you to leave samsara immediately.

Pregnancy for every woman is not only stress, but also happiness, as well as a great responsibility.

As soon as a new life is born in the body, the woman is responsible for the future baby. It is very important to take care of your unborn child and, of course, not to forget about yourself. Oriental medicine center “Amrita” offers yoga for pregnant women. We will talk about the benefits of these exercises in this article.

During pregnancy, a woman needs support and care more than ever. But, you don’t need to lay everything on relatives and friends, provide yourself to the maximum with everything you need. Yoga for pregnant women is not only an opportunity to spend your time usefully, but also to meet other women who are in the same position. Agree, find a person who will understand you like no one else. happens to be difficult.

What does yoga give us?

First of all, even a pregnant woman should remain a woman and take care of her beauty. To do this, it is important to constantly maintain your physical shape. With the help of yoga, you can not only get in great shape (yes, even in a state of pregnancy), but also hear your body, “speak” with it in its own language, learn the techniques of complete and proper relaxation and, most importantly, learn the technique contact with your child. Can any other kind of training teach you the same?

All mothers-to-be go through the very unpleasant process of childbirth. It is not only unpleasant, but also very painful. As they say, the struggle for a new life. To prepare your body for childbirth as much as possible, it is worth doing yoga. Also, with its help, you can get moral preparedness, which is important. Many women experience terrible postpartum depression after giving birth. This can be avoided or minimized. All that is needed for this is the ability to listen to yourself, your feelings and emotions, as well as to relax properly. Again yoga can teach you this.

Everyone knows that pregnant women often change their mood. To improve not only well-being, but also to get a charge of positive energy, you need to know sports. For pregnant women, this is not always useful if the exercises are not chosen correctly and safely. It is very important that a specialist works with you and your every movement is controlled.