Yoga in Hammocks or Air Stretching

Yoga in hammocks (air yoga)

this is a unique synthesis of yoga asanas, gymnastic exercises, elements of strength fitness training, game and acrobatic positions, stretching, and, of course, unforgettable flights. In the classes, a gymnastic hammock with slings is used, which helps to relax the body, build yoga poses and perform other exercises with minimal stress and compression for the spine. May be part of a musculoskeletal rehabilitation program.

Yoga classes in hammocks develop deep and stabilizing muscles. After training, the effects of deep relaxation and stress relief are pronounced. It is guaranteed to receive vivid emotions due to the increased release of endorphins in the body.

Physical exercises in hammocks help:

  • in rejuvenation of the body and spirit, raises the level of hormones, brings joy and delight, while working out the entire muscle corset
  • have a powerful anti-stress effect, release the body from tension, relieve discomfort in the back, neck and lower back, relieve compression
  • load from the spinal column
  • stretches muscles and tendons, increases joint mobility
  • improve the vestibular apparatus, coordination of movements, balance

A few words about terminology and origins

Classes in canvases, hammocks were invented by Broadway choreographers as a way to keep the dancers’ bodies in good shape, good stretching and relieve overload.
To call these yoga classes in the classical sense is not entirely correct. However, asanas “fit” into the practice, like a hammock – just an additional equipment like a brick or a belt, in which case the activity may well resemble yoga.

I have a lot of experience in yoga, Pilates, stretching and other practices. Aerial yoga (or air stretching) turned out to be not only about stretching and muscles, but also about a new level of self-control, body control, about how to negotiate with fear and allow yourself freedom. For me, the exercises in canvases turned out to be like a delight from a tall swing in childhood, when you shout to your mother: “faster! Above!” Freedom, something “hoots” in the chest, ecstasy and butterflies in the body.

Let yourself fly

For me, the main overcoming was not the exercises themselves: yes, somewhere stretching allowed me to keep a pose, somewhere I had to puff – but when I had to lift my body into the air, holding on to the canvases, some deep parts, probably, of the reptilian brain turned on fear: “We are not born to fly!” And overcoming this inner fear, when you boldly fall down, holding on with your legs braided in the canvas, is about how to fly into space. Effort, a point of determination, action and – you are already pleasantly swaying upside down or standing with one foot on the canvas in the air.

Of course, not everything worked out the first time, and all that remained was to admire the instructor, who seemed to have learned to fly and precisely agreed with gravity and her own muscles. In addition to an excellent (including power) load, air stretching is an aesthetic pleasure: flights in canvases are incredibly beautiful.

Revitalizing Savasana

And the main highlight, which is usually expected at any yoga class, is shavasana. You plunge into the canvas as if into a cocoon, it gently hugs you from all sides, you fall into this “hammock”, and to the gentle music you sway in a gentle and tight embrace a couple of meters from the ground. It seems to me that this is akin to the practices of “revival”: the psyche is completely overloaded, as if you are “hatching” into the world anew: without stress, tension, in zen and complete relaxation.

Benefits of yoga in hammocks

Aerostretching (aeroyoga) is a dynamic and interesting activity in canvases:

  • stretching the whole body,
  • safe traction of the spine,
  • working out of all muscle groups, including balance ones,
  • development of coordination and improvement of the vestibular apparatus,
  • the feeling of flying above the ground, which balances the nervous system,
  • involvement of the whole body in practice,
  • great relaxing effect.

You just need to feel, open up to something new and get off the ground!