Yoga boom

World famous Eastern practice

building spiritual and bodily harmony did not come to Ukraine from the East. In the 1990s, a mass yoga craze began in America and Europe. The dynamic Western culture and rhythm of life has changed traditional yoga, reduced the share of spiritual practices and expanded the block of power loads. The Western version of yoga reached at the beginning of the “zero” in the form of one of the rehabilitation methods

Yoga has become one of the most popular types of non-professional physical activity. The number of admirers of this practice has grown so much that at yoga marathons held periodically in the center of the capital, the participants’ mats evenly cover a significant part of Khreshchatyk, while everyone does not fit.

Today, the city has a huge variety of specialized centers, studios, coaching practices. The clubs practice a clever combination of private yoga, adapted to modern urban residents (stretching, working out the joints, a combination of power and dynamic loads). For many clients of fitness clubs, it is this “sport yoga” that is most understandable and effective.

For every taste

For those who are more deeply immersed in the work on their “inner content and outer shell”, a wide range of directions is offered: Ashtanga yoga (power yoga for men), fly yoga (classes in the air) using special “floating” hammocks), bikram (hot) yoga (classes in a room heated to 40 degrees), yoga-23 (dynamic-strength direction, A. Sidersky’s author’s technique), vajra yoga (stretching, work with the spine), yoga for pregnant women, children and adolescents yoga In this variety, everyone, depending on the level of physical fitness and the goal pursued, can choose the direction and format of classes that is suitable for themselves.

“Pure” types of yoga are practiced by those who have been practicing for a long time and have found their optimal format. Most trainers working with beginner and intermediate students mix several different approaches to create the optimal pace and content of the lessons.

“The most popular yoga classes are those where the teacher works intensively with the group, but at an accessible level of complexity. This allows beginners to smoothly join and not get bored by more advanced students. In my classes, I use the Yoga 23 approach, in which I add popular elements of the European and American systems. We have stretching, power block, dynamic exercises, and breathing work. This mix allows you to switch between different types of activity and conduct the most productive training.

Summer is a great time to experiment with locations.

A bonus is attached to each such training – a picturesque panorama of the central part of Kyiv. So far, a huge part of the guests are my students or beginners on their advice. But the number of “residents” of the BC is gradually increasing. I think some of them will go to the gym with us after the end of the season. Since yoga is very addictive, and a proven trainer is very important

“Experienced participants who have already chosen a suitable direction for themselves usually focus on a specific instructor. Finding a coach you feel comfortable working with is very important. As for beginners, with the current diversity, they have a very large choice. It makes sense to focus on a convenient location (near your home or place of work), a comfortable atmosphere in the studio, a suitable pricing policy, and already within the framework of these factors, choose the best trainer for yourself. in several studios plus conducts individual classes, which allows the client to choose the most convenient option, even with reference to the instructor.”